Saturday, April 21, 2012

The second life of


So what has happened to the OLD

In short what happened?
I am not able to comment and put my side of the story at this time (not that I don't want to),
you could read this excellent piece in meantime,
most of the other articles in the media contain unhealthy amounts of speculation, and are not based on facts and reality.

Is coming back?
No! The site, its database and everything else related to the old was deleted. It's gone, dead, RIP.

What is this site about? how to help?
The old site never strongly solicited help from the users,
but this time you can help me with my HUGE legal expenses by simply purchasing books and ebooks from Amazon via this site (helping authors too!).
If you have any other ideas or questions on how to help then contact me.
And if you are an author I would be very happy to hear from you...

How to contact you?


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