Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 Alternative Websites To

  It has a database of 22.844 audio books, and 29.976 books. However, to get access to the website you must first create a user. At the moment the website has approximately 50.000 registered users.

Having a mobile version as well, BookFinder is a huge e-book library and search engine. It has 1.232.131 books and going up. Just type in the name of the book you want to find, and the engine does the rest. Notice there’s a small check-box under the search bar which reads “exact matches” – if you check it… well, it does what it says – looks for exact match keyword.

Our number eight is FreeBookSpot and has 183.791 books and 680 uploaders. It’s not as fancy as BookFinder, but it can help you in times of need.

7. Bookova
It’s a great website that has a very similar interface with Google. “This site neither stores books nor is responsible their contents” reads the website’s disclaimer.

With a user-base of nearly 57.000 people, Library Pirate requires you to be a registered user in order to get access to their collection. There are a total of 8.445 torrents, and over 10.000 seeders.

Number five is Library Genesis – a Russian portal that some say is the closest to what used to be. Just type in the book you need and hope you don’t run into any Russian menu. And by the way, the website is blocking all US IP addresses, so if that’s the case, use a proxy.

“120.301 books available for instant download” their website reads just as the page is loaded. AvaxHome is organized into a comprehensive list of categories, covering a very wide variety of books. Create a user and take full advantage of their services.

3. mIRC
It may sound outdated, but mIRC is still used by many people and most of all it’s an actual source of finding books. Here is a guide on how to connect and find e-books.

Yet another intelligent search engine TextBook Nova can be your friend. Type in your search terms and hit enter. That’s all. The website can also be browsed by categories.
“Stop paying for college and high school level text books, get them here for free,” reads their greet.

Sounds familiar? The Audiobook Bay is a very popular website that runs under the DMCA. It covers many areas of interest – from action, adventure, art, to history, paranormal, sci-fi, and so forth.
We hope these portals will be of use to you. Stay safe!

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