Thursday, February 23, 2012

zz replacements shut down and sustitutes
I just heard that 17 publishers including Oxford University Press and Elsevier managed to get a German court shut down and

I have been a registered user and donator of for a long time. I am regretful and angry about this event. Like some people said, it is pretty much like the burning down of Library of Alexandria.

I feel like I need to do something about it. The greedy international publishers are stripping off my poor fellow third world young people's right to access modern academic knowledge.

Here I listed all the ebook site bookmarks in my browser. They can be good substitutes for My personal recommendation is Russian site Library Genesis. The number of books is even greater than that of palm to Elsevier.) Please spread this, tell as many people as you can.


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Many sites above are located in China and Russia. The Russian sites are not really deal breaker because they almost all have English interfaces. The Chinese ones are tricky but if you don't read Chinese books you probably don't need them.

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