Monday, September 12, 2011

Photoemission from metal nanoparticles. (arXiv:1109.1869v1 [physics.optics])

Photoemission from metal nanoparticles. (arXiv:1109.1869v1 [physics.optics]):
A.Brodsky and Yu.Gurevitch approach is discussed and generalized for
photoemission from metal nano-particles taking into account the excitation of
localized plasmon resonance (LPR) and changes of electromagnetic field (EMF)
and conduction electron mass in the metal - environment interface. New result
is the increase of photo-emission current several time respectively to the case
of continues metal film due to increase of intensity of EMF near the surface of
nanoparticles and also due to surface phenomena mentioned above. Results can be
applied for development new photodetectors, photo energy converters (solar
cells) and for more studies of photoemission from metal nanoparticles.

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