Friday, November 26, 2010

Some useful links

Proof of cylindrical wave expansion of a plane wave

The important formula when expanding a plane wave into cylindrical waves is proved according to problem 3.16 in Jackson's book.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm here and there

My papers

First authored journal papers:

1. Cloaking an object on a dielectric half-space

2. Obtaining a nonsingular two-dimensional cloak of complex shape from a perfect three-dimensional cloak

3. Inverse Transformation Optics and Reflection Analysis for Two-Dimensional Finite-Embedded Coordinate Transformation

4. Carpet cloaking on a dielectric half-space

Co-authored journal papers:

1. Double-control quantum interferences in a four-level atomic system

2. Dual structure of composite right/left-handed transmission line

3. Optical nano-antennas and metamaterials

4. A novel dual-band balun based on the dual structure of composite right/left handed transmission line

5. Squeezing electromagnetic energy with a dielectric split ring inside a permeability-near-zero metamaterial

6. Abnormal enhancement of electric field inside a thin permittivity-near-zero object in free space

7. Aberration-free two-thin-lens systems based on negative-index materials

Test proof of Bessel closure relation (problem 3.16 in Classical Electrodynamics by Jackson)

Here's the proof.